$88,239 in net proceeds generated to provide basic healthcare and nutrition for 11,800 children… healthy children have a better chance of overcoming poverty and succeeding in life.

At Medical Action Myanmar your gift will provide:

  • 2500 laboratory tests
  • 3000 pediatric treatments
  • 1000 malaria patient diagnoses and treatments
  • 100 severe malnourished children treated

 Angkor Hospital for Children will:

  • Treat 1200 children in the outpatient department
  • Complete 500 x-rays
  • Provide oxygen for 500 children with respiratory disease
  • Give out toothbrushes to 2000 school children during Dental Outreach
  • Provide 1000 families with rice
  • Perform life-saving open heart surgery for 2 children

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!