The Taste the World committee – First 10 years 

Annie Kingston, Alison Jackes, Brad Jefferson, Brenda McAllister, Carolyn Pinkney, Celia Martin, Chris Owen, Cinnamon Russell, Corinne Jefferson, Crystal Crete, Dana Weeks-Bourne, Danica Jeffery, Darlene Hayne, Deborah Louvier, Dianne Carruthers-Wood, Dori-Ann Stubos, Effie Genovese, Fran Will, Gary Mitchell, George Ritchie, George Stubos, Heather Notman, Heidi Coglon, Jane Caddick, Janet McPhee, Jean Allan Barbeau, Jenn Winsor, Jessica Taylor, Julie Kucher, Karen Carmichael, Kim Gartland, Larissa Stadnichuk, Lauren Thorpe, Leanne Chan, Marily Mearns, Mary McPhail, Mary Zilba, Melanie  Fung, Michele Ross, Nina Cassils, Ron Orr, Sarah Pattison, Shannon Belkin, Sharon Chan Knight, Sheila Anzarut, Sheri Keenan, Stella Kilindris, Stephanie Bonn, Stephanie Dong, Stewart Hayashi, Susan Aynsley, Susan Evans, Susan Scott Gabe, Tara Colpitts, Teresa Campbell, Tim Crowhurst, Trevor Howes, Valerie Orr and Vivian Thom.

Gratitude is how I feel being involved with Taste the World and the CW Asia Fund; a gathering of exceptional people to make a significant difference. Not only does each dollar create such a dramatic impact but the follow-up, due diligence and involvement that we have in each project’s success is the deepest sense of gratitude one can feel.

– Cinnamon Russell, Past Event Co-Chair

Dear Friends,heidi

After visiting the Angkor children’s hospital in Cambodia that CW’s  Asia supports, I was very moved at the amazing work being done there to help children and families that otherwise would not be able to afford health care. So it is my personal honour to be on the committee this year for Taste the World, an event which directly supports children’s hospitals in Asia. This years event will benefit the Laos friends hospital for children in Luang Prabang and medical action in Yangon. I hope you will be able to join us to celebrate all the incredible work being done and to support the families and children who benefit so much from the hospital. Thank you kindly.

With gratitude, 

– Heidi Coglon, Past Event Committee Member 

Co-Chairs Brenda McAllister & Karen Carmichael

2017 Event Co-Chairs: Brenda McAllister & Karen Carmichael

CCDBrenda and cinnamon

Chris Owen, Cinnamon Russell                     2016 Event Co-Chairs: Brenda McAllister

and Dianne Carruthers                                     & Cinnamon Russell

Our Evening Event Volunteer Team:
Crystal Crete (Volunteer Coordinator), Dante Adante, Sue Aynsley, Arissa Bachmann, Nataliya Batara, Adrian Boettcher, Tara Buds, Jade Campos, Christine Chu, Jenna Coroliuc, Lilly Crete-Delgado, Lucy Dutton, Devy Dyson, Sunshine Escolarchua, Aynur Gokce, Alina Grynevska, Martyna Hamulka, Megan Howarth, Janelle Jack, Alison Jackes, Brad Jefferson, Stella Kilindris, Emma Kirsh, Tessa Laxton-Coglon, Alisha Lee , Jamie McAllister, Carrie Nelson, Lan Nguyen, Sarah Novak, Samantha Ryan, Delani Sahota-Jack, Steven Salinas, Gurpreet Sandhu, Michelle Siy, Matt Smith, Lina Sua, Marsha Taylor, Adrienne Tiltman, Lauren Thorpe, Kaylee Torruco, Jenna van Staalduinen, Cara Von Ende, Frederick Wong, Melanie Yu.

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