Since 2010, the event, ‘Taste the World’  has raised over $720,000 in net proceeds and treated over 200,000 children.

Net proceeds of the event benefit impoverished children:

  • have benefited the Angkor Satellite Clinic for Children under the leadership of Helen Catton, and previously David Shoemaker. Both have inspired Canadians to participate in donating, volunteering and visiting the hospital in Cambodia
  • will now also benefit the new Laos Friends Hospital for Children under the leadership of Canadian Pediatrician Dr. Cheri Nijssen-Jordan serving at the Luang Prabang facility
  • and continues to support Medical Action Myanmar spearheaded by Dr. Frank Smithuis, the 5 clinics in rural Yangon,Myanmar (Burma)

How is the money spent?  ( a question commonly asked)

Here is an example of how $137,000 was utilized in the field

Child healthcare:

  •  11,000 children treated in the Outpatient Department (that’s $5 per child – our dollar can go very far to make a difference!)
  • 3,000 mosquito nets given to families to help prevent malaria and dengue fever

Medical Action Myanmar clinics treated and provided nutrition for:

  • 5,000 children and parents tested and treated for Tuberculosis
  • 8,000 children treated with malnutrition and or infectious diseases

Together we can do more! Please consider 

            Give a Gift of Life.

Please know that 100% of your donation reaches the children.

You will receive a tax receipt for 100% of your cash donation gift.

You have a choice of donating to Laos, Cambodia or Myanmar/Burma.

Pledges of publicly trading shares/stock can also be donated. (Please call us for the form to download – 604-687-1919)

Directors/Trustees/ Volunteers of CW Asia Fund and Volunteers of Taste the World visit projects annually to ensure on-going accountability and transparency.

More information about the hospitals and clinics can be found at:




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