Taste the World is grateful for all the support, comments and positive feedback which we have received from the community. Here is a selection of what people are saying about our event.

BDO is proud to sponsor Taste The World and the causes it supports. The global stats on health are heartbreaking and to support an event like this that has such an impactful difference to the lives and health of children is a passion of our partners and staff.

– Deborah Graystone, National Leader Private Client Tax Services, BDO Canada LLP, 2017 Event Sponsor

To be there visiting these hospitals and witnessing first hand what they do was a rewarding experience and to step and up be philanthropic was a no brainer. Bringing together friends and colleagues of Vancouver at a fun, social event like TTW is of value and the fact that it is such a well run charity makes it even easier for us to support their cause.

– James Brown of Langlois Brown

This group of friends trying to do something good and have some fun actually works. The Angkor Hospital for Children, Medical Action Myanmar and the Laos Friends Hospital for Children are excellent examples of when a dollar goes a long, long way to help.

– George Stubos, Stubos Capital Inc

Every kid deserves to grow up healthy. Having witnessed children mired in poverty, this cause stuck a chord.

– Chris Catliff, President and CEO, BlueShore Financial, sponsor of Taste the World 2016

We are honoured to be a part of TTW.  Through my own personal health experiences I’ve realized the importance of  quality healthcare for all. TTW is an opportunity to network with friends and associates and give back to an organization that fosters similar beliefs and produces such tangible results. The work they do is an inspirational model of philanthropic giving.

– Darren Pedersen, Senior Investment Advisor, HollisWealth

My colleague, Mark Richards has traveled extensively in south east Asia and in fact, spent several weeks in Myanmar just last year, where he saw firsthand the need for this this type  of medical support, in this part of the world. We felt this event gave us an opportunity to help make a small difference in the lives of children who really need it, but who may not garner the attention of the media to accentuate their cause. The fact that this event promises to be a great social get-together and includes wine, is just a  bonus!

– Chris Forman CEO of Porchlight Financial

Taste The World is a great event for mingling, making connections, sampling unique wines from across the globe, shopping the best silent auction, and giving to a charity that truly supports children who don’t otherwise have access to medical care. Taste The World is always on my calendar. After visiting the Ankor Hospital for Children in Cambodia I saw so much need. This charity supports this hospital and others with 100% accountability and 100% of funds going to the hospital. Cambodia is not like Canada. There is no government funding for infrastructure or transportation to hospitals or safety standards.  Without the support of fundraisers like Taste The World the children simply don’t get crucial medical care. John and Nina Cassils are ‘on the ground philanthropists’. They travel to Asia every year and make sure the money raised and equipment purchased is exactly where it is supposed to be. Now that is accountability.

– Dianne Carruthers Wood, Taste the World Co-chair 2014 & 2015; Volunteer since 2007

Gratitude is how I feel being involved with Taste the World and the CW Asia Fund. A gathering of exceptional people to make a significant difference. Not only does each dollar create such a dramatic impact but the follow-up, due diligence and involvement that we have in each project’s success is the deepest sense of gratitude one can feel. Travelling to Myanmar/Burma and to Cambodia (and) seeing the Angkor Hospital for Children not only made me fall in love with the people and the country but also burned a desire and commitment in me to give back what the beauty of the country and the people have given my life.   This is the catalyst for the CW Asia Fund and Taste the World, to give back to those deserving and give them the health care and support that they need to live and thrive. That is what we do and is the epitome of true sustainable development.

– Cinnamon Russell, Taste the World Co-Chair