These funds will treat 27,000 children and their families.

Your gift provides:
11,000 children treated in the Outpatient Department (that’s $5 per child – how far our dollars can go to make a difference!).
3000 mosquito nets given to families to help prevent malaria and dengue fever.
5,000 children and parents tested and treated for Tuberculosis.
8,000 children treated with malnutrition and or infectious diseases.

Many thanks to all those that attended &/or supported this year’s events.
Special thanks to all of our volunteers and the the TTW Committee that make it happen.

2015 TTW Committee

Cinnamon Russell & Dianne Carruthers Wood

Committee Members:
Stephanie Bonn, Jane Caddick, Nina Cassils, Karen Carmichael, Stewart Hayashi, Sheri Keenan, Deborah Louvier, Brenda McAllister, Gary Mitchell, Karen Margolese, Sarah Pattison, Dori-Ann Stubos, Vivian Thom, Lauren Thorpe

Our 2015 Volunteer Team:

Crystal Crete Volunteer Coordinator, Karen Margolese, Adam Gartland, Rachel Suri, Elizabeth Donnelly, Brad Jefferson, Annie Kingston, Leanne Scorah, Dr. Michael Woolnough, Lisa Pantages, Jordyn Shay, Char Sahota, Delani, Lisa Novak, Sarah Novak, Janelle Jack, Tara Peretz, Carrie Nelson, Alison Jackes, Jane Woolnough, Corinne Jefferson, Christine Chu, Natasha Carruthers-Wood, Meredyth Cole, Mclayne Puratich, Kenneth Cappie, Terri-Lyn Storey, Janet McPhee, Sandy Gardner, Jennifer Thomas, Mike Dirks, Jennene Thomas, Genna Thies, Maria Findlay, Katie Mackay, Marina Brewer, Jonathan Nieman, Brando Nguyen, Issac Meyer, Jashan Jhajj