These funds will provide basic healthcare and nutrition to 20,000 of children.

At Angkor Hospital for Children your gift will provide:
9,000 children treatment in the Outpatient Department
1000 mosquito nets given to families to help prevent malaria and dengue fever

Medical Action Myanmar will treat:
4,000 children and parents tested and treated for Tuberculosis
6,000 children treated with malnutrition and or infectious diseases

On behalf of Helen Catton & Dr. Bill Housworth at Angkor Hospital and Dr. Frank Smithuis & Dr. Ni Ni Tun at Medical Action kindly accept their deepest appreciation.

And from the Co-Chairs Cinnamon Russell & Dianne Carruthers Wood and the entire volunteer committee of Taste the World, kindly accept our deepest gratitude. We look forward to seeing you all next year.

The Taste the World 2014 Committee

Sheila Anzarut, Shannon Belkin, Jane Caddick, Karen Carmichael,Nina Cassils, Leanne Chan, Tara Colpitts, Crystal Crete, Doug Gartland, Kim Gartland, Marla Guralnick, Corinne Jefferson, Sheri Keenan, Brenda McAllister, Sarah Pattison, Cinnamon Russell, Susan Scott Gabe, Dori-Ann Stubos, Vivian Thom, Dianne Carruthers Wood.