Thank you Vancouver! Taste the World 2013,  Another Outstanding Success


Thanks to everyone who participated in this year’s event. Together we raised $103,000 in net proceeds at Taste the World to provide basic healthcare and nutrition for 14,500 children…healthy children have a better chance of overcoming poverty and succeeding in life.

We have had many generous donors, volunteers, sponsors and enthusiastic attendees. Your contribution makes this event a success year after year. Proceeds of this event go directly to the Angkor Hospital for Children and Medical Action Myanmar to provide health care at their facilities in Cambodia and Myanmar.

At Angkor Hospital for Children your gift will provide:

  • 4,000 children treated in our Outpatient Department
  • Antibiotics for 550 children
  • 1000 mosquito nets given to families to help prevent malaria and dengue fever
  • 500 x-rays
  • Oxygen for 800 children with respiratory problems

At Medical Action Myanmar will provide:

  • 1,000 consultations for pregnant women including tests for syphilis and HIV to prevent transmission to their unborn children
  • 4,000 consultations and treatments for children
  • 1,000 patients tested (and treated) for malaria
  • 2,000 children and parents tested for Tuberculosis
  • 200 children and parents treated for Tuberculosis

AHC and MAM logos


Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!